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Google Analytics для опытных пользователей

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Google analytics

Google Analytics for Power Users builds on learners' advanced understanding of Google Analytics. Now that you’re familiar with the range of features Analytics offers, put your knowledge into action. Learn and practice techniques for comparing users who convert with those who don’t, analyzing traffic sources that bring the most value, customizing channels for increased actionability, identifying top performing content on your site, and improving ecommerce performance. If you’re new to Google Analytics, you should first complete Google Analytics for Beginners and Advanced Google Analytics on Analytics Academy.

This course covers Google Analytics primarily for measuring website traffic. To learn about new capabilities that bring app and web analytics together, visit Analytics Help.

The Program

Unit 1: Understand users

  • Lesson 1: Course Intro
  • Lesson 2: Which users are converting and which aren’t?
  • Lesson 3: How can you see which platforms to develop or optimize for?

Unit 2: Attract high-value traffic

  • Lesson 1: Which traffic sources bring in the most value?
  • Lesson 2: How can you customize your channels for increased actionability?
  • Lesson 3: When should you send your newsletter emails?

Unit 3: Improve site engagement

  • Lesson 1: What KPIs should you use for your content site?
  • Lesson 2: Which pages are helping conversions?

Unit 4: Improve product performance

  • Lesson 1: How can you drive more product purchases?
  • Lesson 2: Which products are performing the best and worst on your site?
  • Lesson 3: Where are people dropping out of your checkout process?
  • Lesson 4: Course Summary
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