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Work ready skills: develop essential skills for job seekers including job searches, writing a CV and interviewing

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Work ready skills: develop essential skills for job seekers including job searches, writing a CV and interviewing

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Interviewing CV Work-ready Resume

This online short course is designed to provide you with work-ready skills including interpreting and responding to job advertisements and selection criteria, writing application letters and resumes and developing interview skills for job seekers. It will provide real-world examples of advertised positions, response criteria to address, templates for preparing for job interviews and tips to assist you to return to the workforce.

Does new to the workforce tend to focus all their time and attention on creating a well written resume, but forget about the importance of cover letters and how they can increase the possibilities of being selected for an interview. A cover letter is the perfect place to really tailor your skills to the role you are looking to apply to and show your passion and interest for the company you want to be part off. This shows first hand that you are willing to go the extra mile, even before you have been hired.

In this course you will uncover the key steps you need to take to mentally and physically prepare yourself to appear confident and ace your interview.

Who is the course for

While this course is aimed at trainees, apprentices, graduates and school leavers looking to enter the workforce, it also applies to job seekers in the broader community looking to increase their confidence and success rate when applying for work.

The Program

  1. The Recruitment and Selection Process.
  2. The Job Application.
  3. Cover Letter and Resume (CV).
  4. Planning for the Interview.
  5. Develop Interview Skills.
  6. Transitioning into a New Role.

What will you learn

  • Assess the recruitment and selection process from an employer’s point of view.
  • Interpret an advertisement, job description and selection criteria confidently and correctly.
  • Model a well-written job application (resume and cover letter).
  • Plan for a job interview.
  • Develop interview skills.
  • Transition into your new work role.
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