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Welcome to finance (University-level course)

Навыки, которые вы получите:
Financial markets Financial accounting Финансы

In this course, you will learn about the fundamentals of finance (the difficulty level will mirror finance courses at university-level). You will learn the basics and go through the most important concepts. Starting by learning about the types of companies and their business language (accounting). Afterward, you will dive into the Capital Markets (equity and debt). Following that, you will learn how to value projects and companies. Finally, you will be introduced to the world of derivatives. In a nutshell, if you want to know what Finance is all about, you are in the right place!

While it might sound like a lot to learn, we are a team of students with numerous years of experience. We know what it means to be faced with a mountain of material to learn. Therefore, our teaching is done in a way we would have liked to be taught (interactively and intuitively).What will you need for this course: virtually nothing except basic Mathematics.

The Program

  1. Type of Firms.
  2. Financial Statements. 
  3. Financial decision making.
  4. Investment decision rules. 
  5. Debt capital market. 
  6. Equity capital market. 
  7. Stock valuation. 
  8. Debt vs Equity. 
  9. Options.

What you will learn

  • University Level Finance.
  • Basic Accounting.
  • Advantages/disadvantages of various types of firms.
  • What and how companies report with the accounting statements.
  • The concepts of book value and market value.
  • About financial ratios and how to use them.
  • Crucial financial market concepts (e.g. Law of One Price, Arbitrage).
  • About the concepts of time value of money with discounting and compounding.
  • About the Debt and Equity Capital Markets.
  • What bonds are how they work.
  • Various methods of stock and project valuation.
  • About the Capital Asset Pricing Model and its use.
  • The differences between financing a company through debt and equity.
  • What options are and how they work.
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