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Web development bootcamp

Специальные условия для dev.ИТ-курсы
Навыки, которые вы получите:
PHP HTML JavaScript CSS MySQL Jquery Bootstrap Web development HTML5 CSS3

The first step to the full-stack web development you need to learn to succeed in core basics of HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap4, it is pretty easy to learn and understand our online web development course. This course is designed for you with the complete steps to require to learn real-world dynamic projects.

In this online course you will learn: HTML5 CSS 3 JavaScript jQuery Bootstrap 4 WordPress PHP MySQL APIs Special features on HTML5 and CSS3 Python.

The Program 

  1. Getting Started.
  2. HTML5.
  3. CSS3.
  4. JavaScript.
  5. jQuery.
  6. Bootsrap. 
  7. WordPress.
  8. PHP.
  9. MySQL.
  10. APIs.
  11. HTML 5 & CSS 3 special features.
  12. Python.
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