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Visual Presentation

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Сommunication Presentation Business Presentations visual design Visual Presentation

Learn how impactful images can enhance your presentation, communication and messaging to impress your audience.

Visual elements are critical components in effective communication and presentation. The importance of imagery and how it relates to branding, memory recall, and awareness cannot be underestimated. Whether it’s a document, presentation, or video, using one relevant image can replace an entire section of text and be more impactful.

This course, part of the Communication Skills Professional Certificate program, is an introduction to key principles, best practices, and ethics of visual communication for professionals who are not designers by trade.

Learners will practice creating visual communication that seeks to educate, inform, persuade, and/or entertain specific target audiences. You will also analyze visual messages appearing in a variety of media and digital platforms.

What you’ll learn

  • How to utilize best practices for presenting quantitative data using images.
  • How to incorporate basics of visual design in everyday workplace presentations.
  • How to select impactful and appropriate images for various audiences to support your message.
  • How to understand visual hierarchy and other text-to-image relationships.
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