UX Fundamental Principles

Специальные условия для dev.Курсы
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UX Fundamental Principles

Специальные условия для dev.Курсы
Навыки, которые вы получите:
UI/UX Web design Mobile design

In this introductory course you will learn the basic concepts of the user experience and you will have at your disposal the key tools to develop a professional UX report.

Necessary preparation

  • A computer with an internet connection. All the apps and programs that you will use during the course are online, so you will not need to install anything.

The Program

  1. Learn more about me.
  2.  Introduction to the UX.
  3. Analyzing a web page.
  4. Introduction to analytics.
  5. Final report.
  6. Final project.

What will you learn

  • What UX is and what is not, debunking some myths and common beliefs.
  •  To analyze a web page through design and usability patterns. 
  • To analyze principles of interaction design, hierarchies and positioning of elements and components, and web writing. 
  • How to make Heuristic evaluations, what it is and how you can take advantage of it for your web project.
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