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UX design

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Design theory UX UCD

Master Design Thinking and UX Design through user-centred design to deliver innovative user experiences. Learn divergent ideation methods to bring creativity to problem-solving, and convergent ideation methods to innovate within your business context.

UX Design is not just about having ideas! The user-centred approach fuels innovation in ways that support incremental, radical and disruptive innovations towards great user experience like no other.

User experience design helps the team hone down on a new concept, on general interactions, on desired experiences, before jumping into user interface design (the next MOOC!).

Learn divergent ideation methods to bring creativity to problem-solving, whether you are called upon for a simple redesign or a major change in a digital offering. Use convergent ideation methods to anchor a new concept within your business context, seeking win-win innovation for all parties involved, within the project team, across the organisation including external end-users.

What will you learn

  • User-Centred Design Approach (UCD).
  • Integration of UX Research in the UX Design Process.
  • Incremental, Radical and Disruptive Innovation.
  • Design Thinking Theory and Practice.
  • Divergent and Convergent Ideation Methods.
  • Ideation Results Analysis.
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