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Навыки, которые вы получите:
Writing Grammar Speaking Punctuation B2 Reading Listening

In this course you will learn how to understand native English speakers in social media, movies, and music. You will study +90 informal expressions, 18 grammar and 15 pronunciation lessons to help you speak more accurately and sound more fluent.

The Program 

  1. Habits.
  2. Lifestyles.
  3. Smooth Criminal.
  4. Modern Education.
  5. Urban Legends.
  6. Fashion Trends.
  7. Optimists vs Pessimist.
  8. Odd jobs.
  9. The Future & Chance.
  10. In The Spotlight.
  11. Hiring or DIY.
  12. Men vs Women.
  13. Mysteries.
  14. Money. 
  15. Art or Not? 
  16. Mobile Generation.
  17. A Sales Pitch.
  18. Gossip. 
  19. The news.
  20. General knowledge. 
  21. Certificate of Completion.

What will you learn 

Each lesson focuses on a skill: grammar, reading, writing, listening, pronunciation, or slang, and consists of a video, detailed lesson, quiz, and a comments section for interaction and questions. Lessons take 20-40 minutes to complete.

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