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Unity game development

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In this course, we will be making an addictive 3D Runner game, that we will monetise with ads.

The Program

  1. Introduction to the course.
  2. How to install Unity software.
  3. Unity software overview.
  4. Unity scripting overview.
  5. Introduction Bridge Runner 3D.
  6. Importing assets.
  7. Creating our own Animator controller.
  8. Moving our character forward.
  9. Adding all the animations.
  10. Detecting swipe control.
  11. Adding behaviour to swipes.
  12. Adding implusive force.
  13. Platform spawner script.
  14. Fixing bugs and algorithms.
  15. Fixing the sliding the problem.
  16. Making more prefabs for our game.
  17. Generating water infintely.
  18. Adding cinemachine camera to the game.
  19. Creating our pause screen.
  20. Creating the main menu screen.
  21. Adding skybox and increasing our speed eventually.
  22. How to generate an apk from unity.
  23. Destroying game objects that aren’t being used.
  24. Monetizing our game using Unity ads.
  25. Uploading our game to the google play store.
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