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Unity C# Scripting : Complete C# For Unity Game Development

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Android Unity C# 2D анимация 3D игра Разработка игр

This Course will Teach You everything that you need to get started with C# scripting in Unity. You will learn step by step from scratch every feature of the C# language as well as how to implement it in Unity’s API for building Games. All The Content works fine in Unity 2021.

Necessary preparation

  • No previous programming experience is required.
  • Basic familiarity with computers is enough.

For those who want to

  • Anyone who wants to Learn C# Scripting for Unity Game Development.
  • Beginner C# developers willing to work in Unity.
  • Anyone who wants to Build Games using C#.
  • Someone proficient in another language & willing to learn C# in a fun way.

The Program

  1. Introduction To Unity C# Scripting.
  2. Getting Started With C# Scripting In Unity.
  3. Diving into Core Unity C# Programming.
  4. Intermediate Unity C# Scripting Concepts.
  5. Create a 2D Candy Catch Game — Start to Finish.
  6. Creating Useful C# Scripts Ready To Use in Your Projects.
  7. Scripting Basic Artificial Intelligence With C# in Unity.
  8. Scripting For Android & Mobile Devices In Unity.
  9. Learn Version Controlling — Manage Your Unity C# Projects Effectively.
  10. Build A Complete 3D Game With Unity & C#.
  11. Bonus Section: Special Discount Coupons.

What will you learn

  • Get A Solid Understanding of C# & Basic Programming Concepts.
  • Learn Unity’s API from Absolute Basics.
    Learn Object Oriented Programming Concepts.
  • Learn C# Scripting With Practical Examples in Unity.
  • Use C# Skills for Building Mobile / Android Games.
  • Implement Basic AI Features in Unity.
  • Learn Version Controlling with Github, Bitbucket & SourceTree.
  • Build Real 2D & 3D Example Games With C# & Unity.
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