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The Ultimate SEO Training 2022 + SEO For Wordpress Websites

Навыки, которые вы получите:

SEO Training From An SEO Agency Owner: Step By Step Process To Rank #1 on Google. Keyword Research, Technical SEO & More.

The Program

  1. Introduction.
  2. What To Expect from This Course.
  3. SEO —  The Fundamental Principles.
  4. Keyword Research.
  5. Creating Content For Your Website.
  6. Onpage SEO.
  7. Offpage SEO — Link Building.
  8. Technical SEO.
  9. Speeding Up Your Wordpress Website.
  10. User Experience.

What you’ll learn

  • About SEO and understand how it all works.
  • How to see all the keywords your competitors are targeting.
  • How to build high quality SEO backlinks that move the needle.
  • How I used internal links to rank on page 1 for a MASSIVE keyword.
  • How to structure and optimise your website to rank on page 1.
  • How to find the best keywords to target for your website.
  • How to find 100s of content ideas for your blog.
  • How to deal with a negative SEO attack.
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