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The Ultimate Guide to Game Development with Unity (Official)

Навыки, которые вы получите:
Unity C# Game design Разработка игр

Necessary preparation

  • No prior programming or Unity experience is required.
  • If you have worked in C# or Unity before, this course can help you fine-tune your game development skills.
  • In this course, I will walk you through installing Unity on your computer.
  • It will be helpful if you are comfortable with installing your own software.
  • A basic understanding of mathematics (order of operations, addition, subtraction, multiplication) will facilitate comprehension of certain coding logic.
  • Before beginning this course, you should be comfortable browsing the Web.

For those who want to

  • The ideal student for this course is someone who is interested in game development with Unity and C# and is looking for an interactive, project-based course.
  • People interested in developing commercial quality 2D and 3D games either professionally or as a hobby.
  • Anyone seeking an understanding of best coding practices such as organization with your project and optimal development workflow that are essential to game development.
  • This course is not for someone who is an advanced game developer. This course is also not for students who are not interested in learning to code as you will get an introduction to the fundamentals of C# programming.

The Program

  1. Introduction.
  2. Galaxy Shooter.
  3. Project Setup.
  4. Create the Player.
  5. Shooting.
  6. Enemies.
  7. Spawn Manager.
  8. Prototype to Production.
  9. Power Up-Triple Shot.
  10. Power Up-Speed Boost.

What will you learn

  • Master beginner C# concepts, like variables, «if» statements, and arrays.
  • Detect collisions, receive user input, and create player movements.
  • Create power-ups including triple shots, laser beams, speed boosts, and shields.
  • Apply shaders that transform your game backgrounds.
  • Create enemies with basic AI behavior.
  • Collect and destroy game objects.
  • Implement sound effects, background music, and particle effects.
  • Activate and use Unity’s Team Collaboration service.
  • Navigate the Unity Engine and discover unique features like the Asset Store
  • Deploy your game to over 20 web or mobile platforms.
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