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The art of sales: mastering the selling process

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Marketing Sales

Close more deals and improve the performance of any sales team. The Art of Sales Specialization is designed to make you more effective and efficient as you pursue your sales goals. Understand how to stand out in the crowd, attract customers, and build support for your initiatives within your company. 

By the end of this MOOC Specialization you will create several sales necessary tools that are essential to becoming a high-performer in sales. These tools are based around the foundation of knowledge, skill and discipline. Each tool makes up the Sales Toolkit, which is a living document to guide you through each and every step of the sales process.

The Program

  1. Customer Segmentation and Prospecting.
  2. Connecting with Sales Prospects.
  3. Sales Pitch and Closing.
  4. Building a Toolkit for Your Sales Process.
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