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Teamwork & сollaboration

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Продуктивность Leadership Teamwork Problem solving

In today’s workplace, professionals don’t work alone, and rarely work with just one other person. More often, we are required to work in groups to strategize, design solutions, ideate, motivate, manage, and execute.

This course, part of the Leadership Essentials Professional Certificate program, complements business communication skills and expands those competencies to provide a foundation for decision-making, consensus-building, and problem-solving within a group environment.

In this course, learners will analyze and evaluate their own experiences of leading and participating in teams, and will relate them to industry examples. Topics in the course also include:

  1. Team formation and development.
  2. Building, leading, organizing, and motivating teams.
  3. Managing conflict in groups to build productive professional relationships.
  4. Collaboration among cross-functional teams.
  5. Interpersonal relationship dynamics in small groups.

What you’ll learn

  • How to understand the complexities of group dynamics and interactions.
  • How to motivate by improving group climate.
  • How to develop skills in leadership, problem-solving, conflict management, and other critical group dynamics.
  • How to assess team effectiveness and success.
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