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Successful interviewing

Навыки, которые вы получите:
Сommunication Personal branding Negotiation Presentation Leadership Persuasion

The goal of hiring managers is not just to hire people who need a job. It’s to hire people who believe in their organization, its mission and the work that’s involved in the job position. Every hiring manager knows: Hire people to do a job and they’ll work for your money. Hire people who believe in the work and they’ll work for their passion.

And this is not a case of «fake it until you make it.» You have to be genuine about your belief in an organization and its mission. That means you have to have researched the industry, the company, and the position — and be able to show how your goals in life align with the company’s mission. Having done so will shape the impression you convey as a candidate, the way you answer traditional questions, and the way you demonstrate that you’re the right candidate for the job.

The Program

  1. Researching the Market.
  2. Making a Positive First Impression.
  3. Answering Traditional Interview Questions.
  4. Proving You’ve Done Your Research.
  5. Demonstrating You’ve Got What It Takes.

What will you learn 

  • Do thorough research on a company of your choice.
  • Prepare for those critical first 3-5 minutes of an interview (when many recruiters say an interview is either won or lost).
  • Prepare for the all important «Tell Me About Yourself» question.
  • Prepare for traditional interview questions.
  • Use strategies for handling the salary question. We don’t teach you salary negotiation techniques, but we do teach you how to avoid putting yourself in a weak negotiation position.
  • Prepare an elevator speech — all three variations.
  • Use persuasive speech techniques to present professional accomplishments and qualifications in a manner that conveys benefits to a potential employer.
  • Use persuasive speech techniques to convince a potential employer of your interest, motivation and preparation for a particular position.
  • Adapt your nonverbal communication style to the expectations of English-speaking interviewers.
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