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AI Product Management

Навыки, которые вы получите:
Data modeling Machine learning Artificial intelligence Data science Artificial neural Data ethics

Organizations in every industry are accelerating their use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to create innovative new products and systems. This requires professionals across a range of functions, not just strictly within the data science and data engineering teams, to understand when and how AI can be applied, to speak the language of data and analytics, and to be capable of working in cross-functional teams on machine learning projects.

This Specialization provides a foundational understanding of how machine learning works and when and how it can be applied to solve problems. Learners will build skills in applying the data science process and industry best practices to lead machine learning projects, and develop competency in designing human-centered AI products which ensure privacy and ethical standards.

The courses in this Specialization focus on the intuition behind these technologies, with no programming required, and merge theory with practical information including best practices from industry. Professionals and aspiring professionals from a diverse range of industries and functions, including product managers and product owners, engineering team leaders, executives, analysts and others will find this program valuable.

The Program

  1. Machine Learning Foundations for Product Managers.
  2. Managing Machine Learning Projects.
  3. Human Factors in AI.

What will you learn

  • Identify when and how machine learning can applied to solve problems.
  • Lead machine learning projects using the data science process and best practices from industry.
  • Apply human-centered design practices to design AI product experiences that protect privacy and meet ethical standards.
  • Identify and mitigate privacy and ethical risks in AI projects.
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