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Software Quality Assurance

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Scrum QA Jira

This program is designed for Software Quality Control and Assurance Manager, Project Manager and Software Development Team Member who is interested in increasing the likelihood of project success.

The course looks at software quality control and assurance processes and practices, as well as support disciplines such as software project management, software configuration management and release management. Successful software quality assurance is the result of the combination and integration of these practices, and complements SE practices.

Necessary preparation

  • Have a general knowledge of software development life cycles.
  • Does not require knowledge of any programming languages.

Who is the course for

  • Learners and practionares of quality control, quality assurance and quality management.
  • Software developers.
  • Software project managers and team leaders.
  • Example: Beginner level course ideally suited for someone who knows very little about software quality assurance.

The Program

  1. Software QualityControl: Introduction.
  2. Software Quality Control: Success.
  3. Reflections on Software Quality Control.
  4. Terms and Concepts.
  5.  Software Quality Control: Competencies.
  6.  Software Quality Control: Standards.
  7.  Software Quality Control: Software Lifecycle Models.
  8.  Software Project Management.
  9. Adoption of PM Practices.
  10. Software Quality Assurance.
  11. Reviews and Inspections.
  12. Software Testing.
  13. Testing Effort.
  14. Advances in Testing.
  15. Software Quality as a Profession.
  16. Metrics and Analysis.
  17. Software Configuration Management.
  18. Release Management.
  19. Examples and Research.
  20. Conclusion and Appendices.

What will you learn

  • Write a software quality plan.
  • Define software quality metrics.
  • Prepare software quality checklists.
  • Develop an overall process improvement plan.
  • Understand how to best help your colleagues with the quality of their outputs.
  • Ensure the highest possible quality products.
  • Deliver value-added products.
  • Help your company win more business by delivering higher quality.
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