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Software Design Principles

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ООП Web development Design patterns

As we create increasingly complex projects, we worry not just about writing new code, but how that code is going to fit in with the rest of our application. When we stop being able to add new code effectively, we stop being able to solve new problems, grinding progress to a halt. Software design helps us to create software that can adapt to change over time. This allows us to create software that can continuously improve and adapt to our users’ changing needs.

Necessary preparation

  • This course assumes that you have experience with an Object-Oriented Programming language and that you are familiar with concepts such as classes and methods.

The Program

  1. Welcome to Software Design Principles.
  2. Software Design Principles.
  3. Software Design Principles: Next Steps.

What will you learn

  • To apply the principles of Object-Oriented Programming, Design Patterns, the SOLID principles, and high-level architectures to guide the implementation of your projects.
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