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Shaping your professional brand

Навыки, которые вы получите:
Сommunication Продуктивность Emotional intelligence Problem solving

You’ve thought about who you are and how you want your career to be. You have some soft skills to deal with situations that could cause problems. What about the team around you? How do you build functional and constructive professional relationships? How can you add value? What do employers look for when they are promoting?

Skill-building in this course will include asking questions, listening, developing likeability (you’d better be stellar if you’re difficult), identifying cognitive bias, apologizing, receiving apologies, and the basics of whistleblowing.

The Program

  1. Course Orientation.
  2. Being Valued at Work.
  3. Likability Matters.
  4. Cognitive Biases and Errors at Work.
  5. When Things Go Wrong.

What will you learn 

  • Assess your own listening and reactions and retune them in advance or on the spot for a more constructive outcome.
  • Add value at work by keeping situations easy instead of difficult.
  • Manage your own approach.
  • Be prepared when things go wrong.
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