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Securing Express Applications

Навыки, которые вы получите:
JavaScript NodeJS Express.js Oauth2 Sql injection

From malicious threat actors to curious teenagers, hacking attempts and cyber attacks are coming from every angle. Using the OWASP Top Ten as a guide, learn to protect your users, and yourself, from threats to your Express and Node.js applications. Strong authentication and authorization practices, properly protected data, and secure code will protect your web app from these constant threats.

Who is this course for 

  • For those who want to implement basic authentication & authorization techniques.
  • For those who want to secure express applications using OAuth 2.0.
  • For those who want to protect against SQL injection, XSS, & CSRF attacks.

Necessary preparation

  • Experience — intermediate

The Program

  1. Introduction to Securing Express Applications.
  2. User Authentication & Authorization.
  3. Data Security.
  4. Defending Node Applications from SQL Injection, XSS, & CSRF Attacks.
  5. Review: Securing Express Applications.
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