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Scrum Master Certification

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Scrum Agile Project management Управление командой

In this Specialization, you’ll learn about managing tasks and events within a Sprint, Scrum terminology and roles, Scrum reporting, and managing risks. We’ll discuss Story Points and User Stories, scaling Scrum, Continuous Integration, test-Driven Development (TDD), and Behavior Driven Development (BDD).

Throughout this Specialization, you’ll create a plan for Continuous Integration, define your cross-functional team functions, and design a plan for practicing DevOps using Cloud and Virtualization. Because Scrum is a collaborative effort, you will be working and communicating with others in the course to discuss approaches and styles.

The Program

  1. Introduction to Scrum Master Training.
  2. Scrum Master Certification: Scrum Methodologies.
  3. Scrum Master Certification: Scaling Agile and the Team-of-Teams.
  4. Combining Scrum with Other Agile Methodologies.

What will you learn

  • How to differentiate between Waterfall and Agile.
  • Scrum terminology and roles.
  • Managing tasks and events within a Sprint.
  • What velocity is, how to track it, and how velocity points are determined.
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