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Public speaking

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Сommunication Public speaking Presentation Critical Thinking

When asked, many people cite public speaking as one of their biggest fears. In fact, many renowned public speakers admit that they were once extremely anxious about speaking in front of groups.

Good public speaking is more than a performance. It is the result of:

  • Critical thinking
  • Well-organized narrative
  • Reasoning
  • Research
  • Preparation

In this course, part of the Communication Skills Professional Certificate program, you will study methods that help to reduce anxiety, build confidence, and customize a process that will result in successful speaking experiences.

This course is designed to equip you with knowledge of the principles necessary for formal public speaking with an emphasis on organization, evidence, language use, strategy, delivery, ethics, and effective use of media aids.

What you’ll learn

  • How to apply the basic elements of the speech communication process.
  • Tools and methods for controlling public speaking anxiety.
  • How to craft a clear and impactful speech.
  • How to critique other communicators using the principles of this course.
  • How to identify main and supporting ideas.
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