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Project Management for Development

Навыки, которые вы получите:
Risk management Communication Project management

This course introduces concepts and tools that can be applied to project management to generate material changes and meet expected objectives with limited resources. This MOOC strengthens participants’ capacity to manage government and social projects (such as nonprofit and civil society projects) so that they are executed efficiently and effectively.

The Program

  1. Project Charter.
  2. Scope Planning Tool.
  3. Time Management Tool (Schedule).
  4. Cost Management Tool (S-Curve).
  5. Procurement Management Tool.
  6. Risk Management Tool (Risk Matrix).
  7. Communications Matrix Tool.
  8. Human Resources Management Tool.
  9. Project Control Tool.
  10. Conclusions.

What will you learn

  • Basic project management concepts and techniques, within international standards.
  • Widely tested tools and techniques that facilitate good communication within a project.
  • How to identify success factors in government projects and social projects.
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