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Business etiquette: master communication and soft skills

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Business etiquette: master communication and soft skills

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Business etiquette Communication Professional representation

Learn how to show professionalism in the workplace and get essential office etiquette tips for professional communication at work. This online Short Course outlines the principles of professionalism and etiquette at work. The course introduces essential tips on what to expect in the workplace and what is expected of you.

The course will cover topics including how to construct an email message, adding attachments and hyperlinks, adding a signature block and guidelines on copying others to email correspondence.

You will understand how the way your present yourself can positively change your attitude, altering the perception others have of you.

Who is the course for

This course is designed for anyone looking to show their most professional selves at work. It will be particularly useful for those new to the workforce, university students preparing to enter the world of work, as well as those returning to work or entering a new role in a business setting.

What will you learn

  • Explore professional representation, conduct and attributes.
  • Identify workplace etiquette in communications, behaviour and practice.
  • Explore how appearance, attitude and behaviour has significant impacts on employability.
  • Evaluate the principles of professional communication when using email.
  • Reflect on the social rules which apply in email correspondence, including CC BCC and signatures.
  • Identify the key elements of email and the tools which can be applied to improve email etiquette.
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