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Networking growth hacks: take your career to the next level

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Networking growth hacks: take your career to the next level

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Do you sometimes feel like the lack of networking skills prevents you from living up to your true potential? The ability to connect with people can completely change your life. Your ability to connect with people whether it’s in business or in your social life is a skill that you can learn and master. This is precisely what we will teach you in this comprehensive course.

  • The 3 of us collectively have over 1 million Udemy students. We come from completely different backgrounds; what we have in common is our unique ways of networking.
  • You are about to learn proven strategies and techniques for becoming a master communicator and instantly connect with people.
  • We will talk about networking holistically so after taking this course you will be equipped with knowledge that will help you not only in business, but also your social life.

The Program 

  1. Introduction.
  2. Networking skills by Chris Haroun.
  3. Networking and social skills by Jimmy Naraine. 
  4. Social media networking by Dragos Stefanescu.
  5. Conclusion. 
  6. Bonus materials.

What you’ll learn

  • Take your business or personal life to the next level with improved networking skills.
  • Learn how to destroy the fear of social interactions.
  • Understand that rejection is not real.
  • Use the proper networking body language.
  • Improve conversational skills.
  • Network using LinkedIn.
  • Understand the importance of online branding.
  • Quickly become the authority in your industry.
  • Get meetings with CEOs.
  • Write like a professional journalist, which is networking gold.
  • How to get meetings.
  • Network mentoring.
  • How to follow up.
  • How To Create A Large Network On LinkedIn Using Tactical Invites And InMail Messages (Templates Included).
  • Build Social Proof On Social Media.
  • Approach High Level People You Want To Connect With Through An Innovative Manner That Will Attract Their Attention.
  • Avoid the biggest body language mistakes.
  • Learn about the group dynamics.
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