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Modelling Business Processes

Навыки, которые вы получите:
Business analysis

The BCS Modelling Business Processes course is suitable for business analysts, business managers and members of their team, business change managers and project managers seeking continuing professional development (CPD), and employees wanting an understanding of business process modelling.

The Program 

  1. The context for business processing modelling.
  2. The organisational model for processes.
  3. How to model business processes.
  4. How to document tasks.
  5. Evaluating and improving business processes.

What will you learn

  • The role of business process modelling in describing how an organisation performs its business processes.
  • The hierarchy of business process models and how to describe them — in particular: business architecture, business model canvas, business process mapping, business process models and notation (BPMN), value stream mapping using value chain diagrams.
  • How to model core business processes at an organisational level.
  • How to model business processes at the process level.
  • How to document and analyse business processes.
  • How to perform gap analysis for business process re-engineering.
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