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Mastering BGP in Depth on Cisco Routers

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This must-have advanced routing course covers the theory of BGP, configuration of BGP on Cisco IOS routers, detailed troubleshooting information and hands-on exercises that provide students with the skills needed to configure and troubleshoot BGP networks in customer environments.

Necessary preparation

  • Students enrolled in this course should possess a strong knowledge of networking a Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and have completed the Network Associate level certification or have the equivalent knowledge and experience.
  • Good Foundation on CCNA RS, CCNP RS Concepts.

Who is this course for

  • Everyone interested in running BGP to create reliable connectivity to the Internet.
  • Technical engineers and delegates seeking Cisco certifications including CCNP RS or CCNA/CCNP Service provider or Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE Routing & Switching Version 5) or CCIE Service Provuder V3.
  • This course is recommended for any student interested in mastering advanced Internet and related Cisco technologies.

The Program

  1. BGP Basics.
  2. Internal BGP Neighbors.
  3. External BGP Neighbors.
  4. BGP Attributes.
  5. Influencing BGP Route Selection using Weight & Local Preference.
  6. Influencing BGP Route Selection using  AS -paht Preprend & Med.
  7. BGP Summarization.
  8. BGP Communities. 
  9. Route Filtering in BGP.
  10. AS -Path Filters.
  11. BGP Advance Options.
  12. BGP for IPV6 Networks.

What will you learn

  • The Course Goal is to provide learners with in-depth knowledge of BGP.
  • Configure, monitor, and troubleshoot basic BGP to enable interdomain routing in a network scenario with multiple domains.
  • Use BGP policy controls to influence the route selection process.
  • Use BGP attributes to influence the route selection process.
  • Implement the correct BGP configuration to successfully connect the customer network to the Internet in a network scenario where you must support multiple connections „„.
  • Identify common BGP scaling issues and enableroute reflection and confederations as possible solutions to these issues in a typical service provider network with multiple BGP connections to other autonomous systems.
  • „„ Use available BGP tools and features to optimize the scalability of the BGP routing protocol in a typical BGP network
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