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Master C language pointers

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C Software development List Arrays

Struggling with the concept of pointers in C programming? You’re not alone. While pointers can be defined simply as variables that hold a memory location, even experienced coders are often intimidated by this powerful part of the C language. In this advanced course, instructor Dan Gookin shines a spotlight on pointers, starting with the basics and then building upon that foundation. Dan covers the essentials of obtaining, storing, and using addresses; memory allocation and buffers; and linked lists. He then digs into some more advanced concepts, including how to send a pointer to a function, sort pointers, and use pointers to manage memory.

The Program


  1. Understanding pointers.
  2. Exploring pointer tools.
  3. Using pointers as function arguments.
  4. Working with function pointers.

Memory Allocation and Buffers

  1. Comparing arrays and pointers.
  2. Allocating storage.
  3. Exploring allocation functions.
  4. Accessing the buffer.
  5. Working with pointers in structures.
  6. Creating structure pointers.
  7. Saving pointers and buffers.

Linked Lists

  1. Understanding a linked list.
  2. Implementing a linked list.
  3. Removing structures.
  4. Adding structures.
  5. Creating a double-linked list.
  6. Saving a linked list.

Advanced and Crazy Pointers

  1. Understanding pointers to pointers.
  2. Sending a pointer to a function.
  3. Sorting pointers.
  4. Managing memory.
  5. Creating pointers to functions.
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