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Marketing analytics

Навыки, которые вы получите:
Data driven Marketing Analytics Customer analysis

In this course, part of the Business Analytics MicroMasters program, discover how to develop quantitative models that leverage business data, statistical computation, and machine learning to forecast sales and marketing impact for customer relationship management, market segmentation, value creation, communication, monetization.

The Program

  1. Introduction to Marketing Analytics and Customer Analysis.
  2. Market Segmentation.
  3. Preference measurement.
  4. Consumer Choice Models.
  5. Customer Lifetime Value.
  6. New Product Decisions.
  7. New Product Decisions.
  8. New Product Decisions.
  9. Pricing Analytics and Optimization.
  10. Pricing Analytics and Optimization.
  11. Advertising.
  12. Sales Promotions and Course Review.

What you’ll learn

  • How to demand forecasting using customer-base models and statistical approaches.
  • How to market segmentation methods and best practices for identifying potential customer segments and focused targeting.
  • How to computation of Customer Lifetime Value for analyzing customer, brand loyalty and forecasting revenue in the short and long run.
  • How to  consider while designing and introducing new products to the market.
  • How to calculate Optimal Pricing for products and services to get the best ROI.
  • How to assessine Marketing ROI for making better and data-driven decisions.
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