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Manual software testing with bug reporting tool ALM/QC

Навыки, которые вы получите:
Scrum Manual testing Software development Agile Bugzilla Requirement traceability matrix ALM

This course more on practical then showing slides and reading out theory, majority of the course deals with test data and writing test cases almost 14 sessions on writing test cases, because deriving testcases is very important and primary task of manual tester, even I have covered lot of theory part and clearly explained how development and testing activates take place and covered bug reporting tool ALM also, so primary task of QA tester is to derive test-data, write testcase, defect reporting and my course covers all this factors in detailed.

The Program

  1. Introduction to Software testing. 
  2. Skill set for manual testing. 
  3. Types of testing?
  4. Introduction to sofware development life cycle.
  5. Detailed concepts of SDLC.
  6. SDLC models.
  7. Testing techniques.
  8. Testing phase.
  9. Overview of functional testing.
  10. Non — functional testing. 
  11. Testing Approaches.
  12. Re — testing and regression testing.
  13. Software testing life cycle.
  14. Writing testcases — very important section.
  15. Test Scenarios Explanation.
  16. New branch creation test cases in backing application.
  17. Requirment traceability matrix.
  18. Bug reporting / Bug life cycle.
  19. Agile development process and scrum development.
  20. All about Scrum.
  21. JIRA for testers.
  22. Important Interview Questions.
  23. ALM/QC — Bug reporting and test management TOOL by HP.
  24. Defect reporting Tool Bugzilla (Bonus Session).
  25. Top frequently asked questions on manual testing.

What will you learn 

  • Tp understand all software testing Concepts and Software life cycles.
  • To deriv test data, understand test plan document.
  • End to end manual testing.
  • To understand quality center or ALM.
  • To write functional test cases.
  • To plan testing activities and planning test scenario’s.
  • To defect reporting.
  • To understand BUGZILLA Tool.
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