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Learn Vue.js

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Vue HTML JavaScript CSS Frontend Web apps

Modern web apps require increasingly complicated front-ends that can handle large amounts of user interactions and dynamic data. For example, Instagram has over 95 million new posts added per day. Front-end frameworks are JavaScript libraries that make it easy to write the code to create and display this enormous amount of data.

There are many popular front-end frameworks used by engineers today, including React and Angular. Vue.js is an up-and-coming front-end framework that aims to combine the best aspects of all of these frameworks in one easy-to-use package. In fact, in the 2018 State of JavaScript survey, Vue.js was the most sought after front-end framework by a landslide, with 46,6% of all front-end developers saying that they want to learn it.

In short, Vue.js makes front-end web development easier and more exciting than it’s ever been. Jump in and find out what this front-end engineering trend is all about!

Necessary preparation

The lessons in Learn Vue.js assume learners already have an understanding of object-oriented programming in JavaScript.

Additionally, Learn Vue.js will often reference HTML and CSS code.

The Program 

  1. Introduction to Vue.
  2. Vue Data.
  3. Vue Forms.
  4. Styling Elements with Vue.

What you will learn

Upon completing the lessons in Learn Vue.js, you will be able to create and style forms that handle real-world, dynamic data. You’ll have a grounding in how to set up Vue.js and how to utilize essential features of Vue to tackle complex front-end problems.

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