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Learn testing for web development

Навыки, которые вы получите:
HTML API Express.js Web development TDD MongoDB

Testing is essential for web development. A good test suite for a web application allows you to confidently build new features without breaking old ones and provides clear documentation for the rest of your team.

A good test suite, however, requires smart design and proficiency with automated tools. These skills are so important to high quality software that many teams in the tech industry employ engineers dedicated to testing.

The Program

  1. Learn Feature Testing With TDD.
  2. Outside-in TDD.
  3. Learn Model Testing with TDD.
  4. Learn Server Testing with TDD.

What you will learn

This course will teach you how to test your application at the model and server levels, including tests for dynamic HTML content and other API responses. You’ll test Express applications with the SuperTest library and use Mongoose to manage a database.

In addition to learning how to write tests for servers and databases, you’ll also gain some familiarity with the back-end of web applications and MongoDB.

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