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Learn Redux

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React HTML API Redux Web development

If you’re building React applications, you’re likely sharing some kind of data between React components. When the application scales and sharing that data gets more complex, it’s time to use a state-management library. Redux is the most commonly used state-management library with React.

Redux lets you use plain JavaScript syntax, but enforces consistent patterns that make your apps reliable and predictable.

Compared to other state-management libraries, Redux is more popular and better supported with documentation. Popularity means that knowing Redux can give you a leg up on other React developers when applying for jobs. Good documentation means you can get up and running quickly.

The program 

  1. Core Concepts in Redux.
  2. Core Redux API.
  3. Connect to React with React Redux.
  4. Refactoring with Redux Toolkit.
  5. Async Actions with Middleware and Thunks.

What you will learn 

This course builds on top of your JavaScript and React knowledge. You’ll start with fundamental concepts like reducers, stores, and actions, then move on to advanced topics like slices and middleware.

By the end the course you’ll be familiar with these four major libraries used in Redux:

  • Redux.
  • React Redux.
  • Redux Toolkit.
  • Redux Thunk.
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