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Learn NodeJs completely from Scratch

Специальные условия для dev.Курсы
Навыки, которые вы получите:
API NodeJS Express.js Web development REST MongoDB

Learn from Scratch,Master and become a NodeJS developer by building RESTful API’s and many more.

The Program 

  1. Introduction to NodeJs.
  2. Installation of NodeJs in your Environment.
  3. Hello world with NodeJs.
  4. Creating a Nodejs Application.
  5. Require and Exports Objects.
  6. Global Objects.
  7. All about NPM.
  8. File system module.
  9. Creating a server in Nodejs Application.
  10. Blocking and Non-blocking I/O.
  11. Sync and Async Functions.
  12. Introduction to ExpressJs.
  13. Installing and creating using ExpressJs.
  14. Handling request and response.
  15. Nodemon Installation.
  16. Working with Routes.
  17. Routes with Parameters.
  18. Introduction to REST API.
  19. Get request method.
  20. Post request method.
  21. Responding with HTML files.
  22. Processing POST request by using bodyParser.
  23. Using static files.
  24. Middlewares.
  25. EJS Template engine.
  26. Introduction to MongoDB.
  27. Installation of MongoDB.
  28. Getting started with MongoShell.
  29. Getting started with MongoCompass.
  30. Introduction to mongoose.
  31. Reading from database with mongoose.
  32. Updating and Deleting data with mongoose.
  33. Validating the data with mongoose.
  34. Introduction to Pizzastore project.
  35. Setting up the project by adding all files.
  36. 1st Part — Designing pages of PizzaStore.
  37. 2nd Part — Designing pages of PizzaStore.
  38. Connecting database to our project.
  39. Finishing up the project.
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