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Learn Node.js

Навыки, которые вы получите:
JavaScript HTTP NodeJS Web development Backend

JavaScript has been the most popular programming language for the last 6 years. The powerful Node.js runtime environment has been ranked the technology most commonly used by professional developers. Node.js is an event-driven JavaScript runtime. Node has myriad potential uses for JavaScript development including being a great environment for building efficient network applications.

Necessary preparation

A strong foundation in JavaScript is a prerequisite for this course. Previous experience with asynchronous JavaScript and HTML would be helpful but isn’t mandatory.

The Program 

  1. Welcome to Learn Node.js.
  2. What is the Back-End?
  3. Introduction to Node.js.
  4. Node.js Essentials.
  5. Setting up a Server with HTTP.
  6. Next Steps.

What you will learn 

This course is a great introduction to the concepts of server-side web development. You’ll learn the different parts that make up the back-end of a website or web application, and you’ll gain familiarity with the Node.js runtime environment. After this course, you’ll be set up to explore popular Node frameworks like Express.js to build powerful applications.

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