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Learn JavaScript Unit Testing

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JavaScript Web testing

Tests are essential for programmers! Errors in software are inevitable and costly. Testing enables programmers to catch more of their own bugs before deploying their code. Testing is so important that some developers write tests before anything else, in a methodology known as test-driven development.

Necessary preparation

  • Intermediate JavaScript is a prerequisite for this course. You should be comfortable with programming fundamentals, control flow, arrays, objects, and functions.

The Program

  1. Why Test?
  2. Write Good Tests With Mocha.
  3. Learn Test-Driven Development With Mocha.

What will you learn

  • The benefits of software testing and the terminology to explain them.
  • To use the Mocha framework and the Node.js assert library to write, automate, and organize tests in Javascript.
  •  To practice test driven development to create their own JavaScript testing suite using Mocha.js.
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