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Learn HTML5

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HTML Web-разработка Web development HTML5

Explore HTML and how you can begin creating web content writing HTML code for web pages.

The Program 

  1. Web Development Setup Tips.
  2. Create Your First HTML Tags.
  3. Website BoilerPlate Template.
  4. Common Tags in HTML.
  5. Text Formats HTML.
  6. Semantic Content Holders.
  7. HTML Lists.
  8. Comments and MetaTags.
  9. Hyperlinks HTML.
  10. Images HTML tag.
  11. Character Codes.
  12. HTML Tables.
  13. Updated HTML Style Attribute.
  14. Live on the Internet GitPage.

What will you learn 

  •  How to create a basic web page with HTML HEAD BODY and TITLE Tags.
  •  How to create a basic web template that can be used as a starting point for all your web pages.
  •  How to learn about tools needed to write HTML code and how to get coding right away.
  •  How to upload and create your first public webpage that you can share with friends and family — Your own URL with your HTML code project.
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