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Learn Git & GitHub

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JavaScript Git GitHub Web development

Git is a version control tool used widely by developers across the world. It helps individual developers keep track of changes as they work on different features in the same project, and helps teams organize their code. GitHub can integrate with Git — it is a web application that allows users to host, explore, and collaborate on code with their teams and the wider developer community.

The Program 

  1. Introduction: Git & GitHub.
  2. Basic Git Workflow.
  3. Important Git Operations.
  4. Introduction to GitHub.
  5. GitHub & Markdown.
  6. Git Branching.
  7. Git Teamwork.
  8. Deploying Websites using Git and GitHub.
  9. Best Practices for GitHub Repositories.
  10. Collaborating with the GitHub Community.
  11. GitHub Features: Issues, CLI, & Actions.
  12. Review: Learn Git & GitHub.

What will you learn 

This course is a great introduction to how Git and GitHub work. We’ll cover the most commonly used Git commands, the relationship between Git and GitHub, and how to collaborate with other developers using these powerful version control and remote hosting tools. We will also introduce GitHub features that are helpful for teams and enterprises.

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