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Databases C# ASP.NET Core

If you want to build fast, secure, and maintainable web apps, ASP.NET is your framework. Built by Microsoft on top of the C# language, ASP.NET is the go-to web framework for many companies, including Stack Overflow and Walmart.

Necessary preparation

  • Learn C#.

The Program

  1. Make Your First ASP.NET App.
  2. ASP.NET: Razor Syntax.
  3. ASP.NET: Page Models.
  4. ASP.NET: Databases.
  5. ASP.NET: Middleware.
  6. ASP.NET: Dependency Injection.

What will you learn

  • How to build web applications with ASP.NET Core using the Razor Pages architecture.
  • How to handle, route, and redirect requests using Page Models in ASP.NET.
  • How to define, store, and edit information in your ASP.NET web app using databases, models, and LINQ. 
  • How ASP.NET apps process requests and generate responses using middleware.
  • About the dependency injection programming pattern and how it is used to improve code in ASP.NET applications.
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