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Design websites from zero: UX/UI

Навыки, которые вы получите:
UI/UX CJM Figma Web design Adobe XD

Get into the amazing world of UI / UX design using Adobe Xd, amazing tool which will help you, design, prototype, present and collaborate with your clients.

You don’t need any previous knowledge of UI / UX or Adobe Xd, we are going to cover it all in this course. All you need is an interest of this field and you will do well by the end of this course.

Who is this course for

This course is for anyone with an interest in developing their Adobe Xd  skills.

The Program

  1. Welcome to the course. What to expect.
  2. Here are your downloads.
  3. Adobe Interface Basics.
  4. Understanding Layers in Xd.
  5. Selecting, moving and duplicating.
  6. Alignment fundamentals.
  7. The very useful Assets panel.
  8. Artboards. All you need to know.
  9. Where to get the latest pre-made templates.
  10. Getting free fonts & icons & images & color pallets & filler text.
  11. Preparing our first Artboard. Preparing our colours. Preparing our fonts.
  12. The big header image & menu.
  13. The wave shape divider.
  14. Floating images with shadows.
  15. Client Logo section with the Repeat Grid tool.
  16. Statistics section with empty boxes.
  17. Testimonial section with the pen tool.
  18. Call to action section with gradients.
  19. Footer as a reusable symbol.
  20. The portfolio page.
  21. About page part 1: A Quick Start. About page part 2: Tabs + Gallery. About page part 3: FAQ section.
  22. Contact page with vector icons.
  23. A travel website with background blur.
  24. A book store website with masks.
  25. Responsive mobile design — Part 1. Responsive mobile design — Part 2.
  26. Artboard and Element exporting.
  27. The Sticky Menu on top.
  28. Creating a prototype for web & mobile.
  29. Making a video and shareable link.
  30. Congratulations + Do you want more.
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