Robin Hills

Leadership: working with leadership styles

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Leadership: working with leadership styles

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Сommunication Leadership Conversation Problem solving

Great leaders can be many things, but they can only be measured by one criterion — the performance that they influence through others.

In today’s volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous workplace, it’s not enough to be a manager. You must truly learn how to be a leader — someone who influences and transforms how others feel about themselves and the work they do.

Your leadership behaviour has the greatest impact on the people you lead and your team. This will impact the productivity and the motivation of everyone. It affects the effort that people are prepared to contribute. The more they contribute, the more successful the team will be. Become a leader in your workplace by harnessing the power of the six leadership styles:

  • Directive — securing immediate compliance.
  • Pace-setting — accomplishing tasks to high standards of quality.
  • Affiliative — creating harmony.
  • Democratic — getting everyone’s commitment and generating ideas.
  • Visionary — providing long term vision and direction.
  • Coaching — long term professional development.

Who this course is for

  • Anyone in an organisational role that involves leading, influencing and developing people.
  • Anyone leading people at work, running a club, or a starting a new business.
  • Anyone who is in a management role and who is keen to develop their leadership qualities.

The Program 

  1. Introduction to the course. 
  2. The principles of good leadership. 
  3. The six styles of leadership.
  4. The underpinning skills and behaviours of the leadership styles. 
  5. Fine tuning — increasing and toning down each leadership style.
  6. Working with leadership styles — course review and leadership case studies.
  7. Furher resources.

What you’ll learn

  • Explore the six styles of leadership.
  • Identify which leadership style to use and in which situation.
  • Recognise the effect that each leadership style has on other people in positive and negative ways.
  • Enhance your capabilities to adapt your leadership capabilities to suit the circumstances.
  • Determine ways that you can increase or tone down the use of each style.