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JavaScript design patterns: 20 patterns for expert code

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JavaScript API Jquery Web-разработка HTML5 Design patterns

The course opens by introducing the conceptual logic behind design patterns: what they are; what they are not; what makes a pattern; major pattern types; and what role they play in the bigger picture of Web development. We then dive straight into a real-world case study, building a mock application with in-built issues that design patterns can solve.

Following on from this introduction, the course quickly expands into exploring the core design patterns underlying the major pattern types: Creational, Structural, and Behavioral patterns. With the knowledge delivered throughout the course, developers will come away from JavaScript Design Patterns 20 Patterns for Advancing Your JavaScript Skills armed with a powerful arsenal for solving a wide array of different JavaScript programming problems.

This video course is for web developers who have a strong foundation in JavaScript with familiarity in Object-oriented JavaScript as well. It will help you create a strong foothold into the world of design patterns to integrate them into your workflow.

Who is this course for

This video course is for the JavaScript developer with a good understanding of the fundamentals of the language, and with prior experience of building Web applications. 

The Program 

  1. My first design patterns.
  2. Creational design patterns.
  3. Structural design patterns — Part 1.
  4. Structural design patterns — Part 2.
  5. Behavioral design patterns.

What will you learn

  • Master the logic behind the major design patterns, and wield them confidently for JavaScript programming.
  • Explore Creational design patterns including the Singleton, Factory, and Prototype.
  • Chain objects together and manage events and states using Behavioural design patterns.
  • Understand how to modularize and condense code, optimize memory, and negotiate design problems.
  • Implement greater abstraction into application design, and control multiple objects sharing APIs with the help of Structural design patterns.
  • Ultimately deepen your understanding of JavaScript and understand how design patterns can make you a better, more effective programmer.