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Java as a Second Language

Навыки, которые вы получите:
Java Windows Web-разработка Mobile-разработка

This specialization is meant to be an introduction to Java as a second language. You may be familiar with any computer programming language, shell scripting, or knowledge of older Java versions, JavaScript, etc. This specialization will help you move to the Java language and will cover all the features and functions you need to create great Java web and mobile applications. You will learn Java object orientation and see the parallels with other programming languages.

The Java as a Second Language specialization assumes that you know some programming and want to transfer that knowledge into learning Java.

The Program

  1. Introduction to Java as a Second Language.
  2. The Java Language.
  3. Writing Java Application Code.

What will you learn

  • Java Object Orientation, and see the parallels with other programming paradigms.
  •  Java Control Structures, IF statements, Loops, and arrays, and  Switch Statements and the Java Programming Environment.
  • The material on developing real applications, and  hands-on application development labs — strong Java application development skills.
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