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Java: Algorithms

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Java Algorithms Sorting algorithm Search algorithms

This course is all about algorithms! We’ll start by looking into the concept of recursion — what does it mean for a method to call itself? Once we wrap our minds around this tricky concept, we’ll look at how to use recursion to solve some problems.

Next, we’ll start to think about how we can evaluate the effectiveness of our algorithms. There are so many ways to solve a single problem — how do you know if your solution is a good one? What does it even mean for one solution to be «better» than the other?

Finally, we’ll look at some of the most common sorting and searching algorithms. If you’re looking to sort a list of numbers, how would you do that? What about if you were trying to find a single word in the dictionary? We’ll write a few algorithms to solve these problems.

The Program

  1. Recursion.
  2. Algorithmic Complexity.
  3. Searching and Sorting.
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