Introduction to UI Design

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Introduction to UI Design

Специальные условия для dev.ИТ-курсы
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Do you want to learn the mindset and skillset you need to start a career in UI design? Meet Christian Vizcarra, the ideal professional to guide you through your next professional upgrade. With over nine years of experience in creating digital products and a collection of awards from Awwwards, Behance, and CSS Design, Christian shares all his UI design knowledge for you to start creating your own UI interface. 

Learn the principles of interface design to start your career as a UI Designer!

Necessary preparation

  • No previous experience is required, all you need is dedication, patience, and curiosity. As for materials, all you need is a computer.

The Program

  1. Introduction.
  2. Welcome to the UI world!
  3.  UI Fundamentals.
  4. UI components.
  5.  Talking about development.
  6. Effective communication.
  7. Final project.

What will you learn

  •  All about the user interface.
  • About the similarities and differences with UX when creating digital products. 
  • To understand the right mindset to adopt when working on a UI, see how to choose the right design software for your project, and get to grips with the design process involved when creating a digital product.
  • About the elements that constitute your user interface, such as color, typography, icons, and more
  • To create the UI design for an online store for an e-commerce brand.
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