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Introduction to JavaScript

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Java HTML JavaScript

In this beginning-level course you will discover where JavaScript fits into the world of web development. Through hands-on exercises, you will use the Notepad++ text editor to embed JavaScript code to an existing HTML document.

As you code a simple JavaScript program to provide user interaction you will learn to recognize and apply syntax rules and coding standards associated with JavaScript.

The final activity in the course has you moving your JavaScript code into an external file so that you can compare inline and external JavaScript.

The Program

  1. Discuss how JavaScript fits into the world of web development.
  2. Add the HTML script element to an HTML document in preparation for adding JavaScript code.
  3. Describe the various syntax rules and coding standards that typically apply to JavaScript code.
  4. Write the JavaScript code to prompt for a name and display a greeting on the screen.
  5. Explain the difference between inline and external JavaScript in terms of storage and application.

What will you learn

  • Describe the purpose of JavaScript.
  • Write and test a simple JavaScript program.
  • Compare inline and external JavaScript.
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