Introduction to Figma

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Introduction to Figma

Специальные условия для dev.ИТ-курсы
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Figma Web design Prototype

In today’s tech-driven world, websites and mobile apps are the perfect places for connecting brands with their clients. According to web designer Arturo Servín, Figma is the most efficient and versatile prototyping tool for designing graphical UI. Discover the creative freedom of working without technical restrictions and take your web development to the next level.

Necessary preparation

  • A computer with Windows 8.1 (or later) or MacOS Sierra (or later).
  •  A web browser such as Chrome 64 or later, Firefox 78 or later, or Safari 11.1 or later.
  • A video card with at least 1 GB of GPU memory.
  • At least 4 GB of RAM.
  • A Figma account, you can use the free version or download the desktop version.
  • A minimum 20 MB internet connection.

The Program

  1. Figma Basics.
  2. Applying Text and Color.
  3. Design Elements.
  4. Components: Uses and Benefits.
  5. Design Systems.
  6. Building a Prototype.

What will you learn

  • The program’s interface and basic features.
  • To insert and edit text and color styles to create reusable elements for your design systems.
  • To insert images into your project and use layout grids to create cards.
  • To build a simple system with master components, Booleans, and variants.
  • To discover the importance of design systems in the prototyping process.
  • How to connect different screens and add interactions and animations to your prototype.
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