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Introduction to Business Analytics and Information Economics Specialization

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Introduction to Business Analytics and Information Economics Specialization

Навыки, которые вы получите:
Analytics Exploratory data analysis

This specialization targets learners who seek to understand the opportunities that data and analytics present for their organization and those interested in the value of and implications for data as an asset to their organization. Individuals who manage data and make decisions about how data can be leveraged in their organization will find this specialization of particular value.

The Program

  1. Business Analytics Executive Overview.
  2. Infonomics I: Business Information Economics and Data Monetization.
  3. Infonomics II: Business Information Management and Measurement.
  4. Introduction to Business Analytics and Information Economics Capstone.

What will you learn

  • How to conceive new ways to leverage analytics to business problems. Know what makes an analytics project successful. Be aware of key analytics trends.
  • How to lay out new and emerging organizational roles for treating information as an actual business asset.
  • How to understand and apply methods for conceiving and generating broad-based and transformative business benefits from available information assets.
  • How to understand business models from a data perspective and apply a variety of techniques for identifying new data-driven value streams for a business.
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