Introduction to Adobe XD

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Introduction to Adobe XD

Специальные условия для dev.Курсы
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UI/UX Web design Prototype

Generating creative solutions to engage the attention of users is what great designers do. However, a UX designer goes a step further in that direction: it’s how the user interacts with the creative solution that is most important. UX designers solve a problem for the user, while also aligning with a brand’s business goals. It is a complex role and one that is becoming increasingly important within design teams today. Once you complete this course, you will be equipped with all the necessary knowledge to take on a personal or professional UX design project with confidence and skill.

Necessary preparation

  • A computer with Adobe XD installed.
  • Operating System: macOS X v10.13 (or later) or Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (64-bit) — Version 1709 (build 10.0.16299) (or later).
  • An internet connection.
  • For additional system requirements, such as graphics, RAM, display, etc. that you need to run Adobe XD.
  • A smartphone with the Adobe XD app installed (recommended, but not a must-have).

The Program 

  1. Getting Started and Exploring Adobe XD.
  2. Designing Interfaces.
  3. Advanced Prototyping.
  4. Sharing and Collaboration in Adobe XD.
  5. Optimizing Your Workflow.

What will you learn

  • How to organize your workspace and try out the design functions.
  • How to create components, create basic interactive prototypes, and finally how to use Adobe XD to showcase your designs.
  • How to add carousels and voice to your prototype, along with micro-interactions with the use of component states. 
  • How to share and collaborate on a UX project in the fourth course, seeing how to export artboards and elements by inviting someone to co-edit your design with you. 
  • How to use one of the leading UX design and digital prototyping platforms from the ground up.
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