Interior Design: Boost Your Brand or Business

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Interior Design: Boost Your Brand or Business

Специальные условия для dev.Курсы
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Design interior

Learn to design a unique space that conveys the personality of your brand or client. You know that feeling you get when a commercial space is designed with such taste and personality, you’re transported to the brand’s universe the moment you step inside? Join interior designer Gloria Matías from Mikamoka Studio and discover the power of branding for spaces.

Who is this course for 

  • Anyone who wants to showcase their brand, business, or that of their client, or simply anyone interested in interior design and branding with a desire to learn.

Necessary preparation

  • You need a curious mind and a passion for coming up with fresh ideas to design an invaluable space.
  • You need to have a basic understanding of interior design, 3D modelling, and AutoCAD or a similar program, as well as a computer to run the software.

The Program

  1. Presentation.
  2. The brand equity and conceptual development of the project.
  3. Technical development of the project.
  4. Space design.
  5. Presentation to the client.
  6. Final project.

What will you learn

  • How to add value to your business through interior design.
  • What brand value is and how to identify the personality of the brand to create a concept.
  • How to connect with the target audience.
  • How to obtain the best layout for the space and define its circulation routes.
  • To design your concept in 3D.
  • How to boost your brand image.
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